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 In partnership with Divine Locale

A response to World Cultures Project and Fluctu-8 festivals theme of Cultivate.

The Feeder Series: a collection of live performances which created a selection of drawings and prints responding to the galleries themes of consume & belief .

The Feeder

Feeder responds to the practice of force-feeding young brides-to-be which exists across much of sub-Saharan Africa. It challenges the custom of ‘feeding’ to cultivate a realisation that not all feeding practices nurture young brides-to-be. In their organic state the young girls are immaterial vessels which need to be filled to create an illusion of false physical maturity for male gratification.

Controlled gestures are used to draw a vessel which symbolises the bride-to-be. These marks are made simultaneously in six different colours to highlight individuality. The second part introduces the colour black to symbolise duress which covers the vessel. For the final part, the vessel is filled with prints of roti, each rolled using cultural gestures. The systematic addition of roti’s symbolises the imprint left by traditions and society, signifying the overwhelming impact traditions can have upon burying the identities of young girls, who are moulded to societies expectations of wealth and beauty. 

To be Fattened and Secluded  (poem) a direct response to the performance piece, Feeder.

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Nisa Khan Art
Nisa Khan Art
Nisa Khan Art
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